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who want to start making music with zero dollars

Stop chasing trends. Start telling stories.
This masterclass has proven strategies that have taken 20+ brands to Beat making success. You could be next.


We have the know-how you need.

The premium, online curriculum to help producers win big as a beat star!

Designed to help you fully understand the creative process, tell their story, and empower yourself to thrive as a beatmaker. To get you started in the producer role with zero dollars invested:

  • 9 videos

  • 1+ hours of content

  • Software you need

  • How Producers  are growing creatively today

  • Plug ins, features, best practices modules (and more!)

Audio recording instruments


Creators and beat-makers are always struggling with how to get started, specially if you have no technological background but have so many ideas to create, i can provide ways to use platforms that lets them share their story with the world. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must create authentic, value-driven content. The strategy is different than most producers because is so simple, which can make other peoples courses seem daunting.

This is why we made The Hard-knocks Masterclass: For Beat Makers. To cut through the noise and give you a proven plan for growth. 9 videos.Free samples & l ideas to get your started with zero dollars.
A top-to-bottom game plan pulled directly from DJ TWILO's private coaching advisory. These are the very same strategies that DJ TWILO used to grow their platforms to 1M+, and have brought dozens of other artists success. And they can do the same for you.

Join The Hardknocks Masterclass today.

Why can't you get started with production?  Why can't you earn money with your music on this production platform? The truth is, you can. You just need a plan.

We built the plan. Here it is. Join today and let's get to work.

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who is


DJ TWILO is the founder of Sunshowers Radio, Hardknocks Records & Clubkidz TV, Media focused companies all related to music. Which operates as a strategy team and white glove headhunting services.  DJ TWILO has been working in the music industry since the age of 13, she started as an apprentice in a studio and never left.

DJ TWILO has then used those same strategies to lead dozens of artists & labels to success, which is why she's thrilled to bring these insights to you. She built this Masterclass to be practical and digestible for any creator that wants to cultivate a community through music.

At the Studio

This isn't a trend.

This Masterclass will teach you the fundamentals and how to build on it organically. It’s not a list of trends that will work today but fall flat tomorrow. These are tried and true storytelling strategies that let you leverage any future moment for maximum success. These content strategies can be used by everyone! Understand the concept in perpetuity, and use it to your advantage no matter where the trends go. Give yourself a space to thrive in music. It’s time you started a few trends of your own.

DJ TWILO, creative ceo

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