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Hard Knocks Records is a dynamic and influential New York City-based music label with a passion for curating and producing cutting-edge music across a wide spectrum of genres. At its core, the label is known for its dedication to the high-energy world of Big Room, Warehouse, Rave Anthems, Dance, and Drill music.

With a keen eye on the pulse of the electronic music scene, Hard Knocks Records has established itself as a pivotal player in the industry. The label's commitment to Big Room and Warehouse sounds ensures that fans of electrifying drops, pulsating beats, and massive melodies find a home for their sonic cravings. Their portfolio of Rave Anthems caters to those seeking the ultimate euphoria on the dance floor, while their expertise in Dance music transcends boundaries, offering a diverse range of grooves to move to. Additionally, Hard Knocks Records delves into the edgy and rhythmic world of Drill, showcasing a fusion of urban sounds with electronic elements.

With an ear for innovation and a finger on the pulse of music trends, Hard Knocks Records continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving music landscape of New York City and beyond, delivering electrifying beats and unforgettable experiences to music enthusiasts worldwide.

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Harlem & Chelsea


    • Are you a producer or beat maker, we would love to partner up with you, send us a message at @harcknockrecords on Instagram

    • If we Love your beats we will reshare them on our socials & and drop them on our Live Dj sets

  1. Live Events and Shows

    • We run a battle of the beats once a month, send us an email if you would like to be sponsored by us. Want to remix our Artist's demos, get in touch.

    • You can meet and greet our Artists at our shows, and ask us how to be part of our events.

  2. Subscribe

    • to our fans and supporters if you want to stay updated on our label's activities, subscribe to our email list for free events, VIP events and sample kits.

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