DJ TWILO's life has nearly always centered on the process of recording and producing music.  She has worked in recording studios since the young age of 13 for a variety of different artists across different record labels. The experience has undoubtedly informed her diverse and extensive musical taste.


When spinning at places like, Jue Lan Club & Harlow East, where she was the resident DJ for two summers - DJ Twilo culls inspiration from house music, ballroom 90s voguing, disco as well French, electronica, dance, alternative, electro, downtempo, a curation of open format.


DJ Twilo’s ability to interject her own musical sensibility into an archive as varied as this has made her one of the most sought after DJ’s on the east coast. Her talent for curating the perfect music at the right moment has led her to DJ at art galleries, private parties as well as places like Cipriani, Rainbow Room, Beautique, Pink elephant, & so many more. Regardless of where she plays, DJ Twilo promises to imbue the atmosphere with a seamless assortment of music that everyone can enjoy.