In the studio with twilo, listen to the Legendary Chill mix: Shoegaze. Indie. Alternative. Downtempo. 


Join The Live  DJ Set: Legendary Chill in G Minor

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Lets talk about love & the 90s in todays show, i'm bringing you some classic Vinyl tracks for you to unwind on your walk or in the kitchen with friends, we're going all over the world tonight, come kick it with the tribe's new remix, chill with an eclectic show.


Artists on the DJ Set

Janet Jackson, TLC, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Lisa Stansfield, Marvin Gaye, Kygo, Romare

Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, DJ Spooky & Davido.




When mixing in G minor
you get the color PINK  | 


Lose yourself with these amazing artists, as I take you in the world of nu jazz, world music. While I flip the DJ Set with a touch of electro, biggie makes a small appearance.


Today’s guests on my DJ Set 

Rae & Christian, Tosca, Arthur H, St. Germain, Nouvelle Vague, Lisa Ekdahl, Cesaria Evoria, Grace Jones, Arona Mane, The MadKat Courtship. 




When mixing in E flat minor
you get the color lime🐍 | 

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Today we are kicking things off with the pink full moon black edition, bringing out my 45 vinyl, my limited copy daft punk, an electronic remake of Heaven from the Rolling Stones; audiophiles, full moon lovers and scorpios this one's for you.

Chill with these legendary artists anytime of the day the DJ Set is up now:

The XX, Steve Monite, Kasper Bjorke, Daft Punk, Royksopp, Saint Michel, Massive Attack,

& Grimes.


We are in the studio, I got my records, there is a whole lot of singing for your sunset vibes!

Its Monday come chill with these amazing artists: Brigitte Bardot, Lorde, Hether, Adrian Younge, Florence & The Machine, SAULT, Soho808, Patrick Cowley, La Femme, Groove Armada, Rhye.


Starting the week with an electric chill DJ Set for all the synth lovers out there!

Join us on this electric ride with tracks by Superspace, Groove Armada, Ashra, Susumu Yokota, Club De Belugas, Gabrielle Chiararo, Durutti Column, Lindstrom, Flume, Phosphorescent, Kruger & Dorfmeister.


Listen to the live Recording Talk Show &  DJ MIX of episode IV:


On this mix we have The Koop, Bent, Sade, Radiohead,Oasis, The Dandy Warhols, Cranberries, Suzanne Vega & Beck. 


So Chill in New York! I got an amazing DJ Set for your Monday evening to keep things warm, with Scandinavian Disco Heat, Stone Roses, Portishead, Myomi, Thievery Corporation, AM, Paradis, La Roux, & Cat Power all tune in the key of D Major.


Listen to the live Recording Talk Show &  DJ MIX of episode III :


On this mix we have TelepopMusik, The Verve, Arcade Of Fire, The Velvet Underground, Echo & The Bunnymen, Club De Belugas, Roxy Music, The Jacobites, The Sundays.

GMAJORPLAYBACK-legendarychill template.j

Listen to the live Recording of episode II: as i take you into the history of each record, studios & labels they were recorded, the key of each song, all from my vinyl collection.

On this mix we have My Bloody Valentine, New Order, Primal Scream, The Cure, BORNS, Lisa Gerrard, Superorganism, The Sex Pistols.

Recorded Live at, Las Vegas 2021

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Overdubb studios Las Vegas 2021

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