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who am i?

There are a lot of new friends on here so let me reintroduce myself, I use this tool to engage in conversations (43 on my DMs right now)

Pronouns: THEY / THEM

Producing Records: Big room. Warehouse. Rave Anthems. Dance. & Drill.

Hobbies: Taking Yellow Cabs

Collecting cash being old skool.

Clubs. Kundalini. Runway. Sushi. Fundraising.

CEO of Play Hospitality llc

Hard Knocks records. Sunshowers radio.

& Silver Wings Foundation.

Right now I am working out of a studio in Chelsea & Harlem.

I DJ for luxury venues: & my main focus is providing platforms for you to shine like a diamond!

Want to get involved dm me ;) 🌹✨

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