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NYFW 2024 : Packages

Updated: Jan 25

Experimental Fashion DJ Package for Couture House:

Contact us directly to book your Runway Date :

Avant-Garde Soundscapes Package:

  • DJ: An experimental and avant-garde DJ with a deep understanding of the fashion industry.

  • Sound System: Cutting-edge audio technology to bring out the nuances of experimental music.

  • Lighting: Minimalistic yet impactful lighting design for a futuristic ambiance.

  • Music Style: Abstract and unconventional soundscapes tailored to the couture house's avant-garde aesthetics.

  • Additional Touch: Custom live remixing and sound manipulation during the fashion presentations.

Elegant Vibes Package:

  • DJ: A sophisticated and versatile DJ with experience in curating playlists for fashion events.

  • Sound System: High-quality audio equipment suitable for the venue size.

  • Lighting: Ambient and stylish lighting to enhance the fashion showcase.

  • Music Style: A mix of contemporary and classic tunes to create a chic and upscale atmosphere.

  • Additional Touch: Customizable playlist options to match the fashion themes.

Starting at $5,000.00 contact us to book your date directly

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