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New Terrains at Phillips Auction

Let me take you on a tour of this risky show put together by @phillipsauction

“New Terrains ” These were the pieces I gravitated toward. 🏹🌹

​Risky in the sense that no one takes Native American Painters seriously enough to give them a voice to this day! I applaud the curators for their strength in stepping into a world of magic and wonder.

I love all the colors of these works, so serene.

“returning to Manitoulin” on here, this painting feels like I could wake up to, sleep to, and forever walk by it in my private space. At only $90,000, because is from a Native American, I can only hope that the price will go to $500,000 which is my tag number after being purchased at an auction house. There was humbleness to this show, and the works were sincere. ✨🌠

​Anyway, I hope you visit this amazing collection. Love seeing everyone.

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